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Kids infront of the house

Kitale Family


We are guided by the vision of rescuing children at risk and giving them a better childhood and future hope by protecting, guiding and healing them.
KSM services and initiatives are aimed at:
Providing care through our homes for children in the slums who are abused, abandoned, neglected, misdirected, at-risk or caught up in family turmoil or whose parents cannot care for them.
KSM Mission Statement
"To rescue and protect disadvantaged children in Kibera Slum and to give them a better childhood experience and a future hope.

Kids Share a meal

The Home located in Kitale, Western Kenya on a 3.5 acre piece of land, has 55 children most of whom have been orphaned by HIV/Aids, marital conflicts and recent post-election violence that rocked the country. It is estimated over 50,000 children were displaced in the violence in Kitale and are now beggars on the streets. KSM rescued some of them and have joined the Kitale family. 14 children are in high school, the rest in primary schools.


Boarding section has one house, a kitchen, and a dining hall. With 55 children and 5 workers housed in one single house, it is beyond its capacity and a need for another  building to ease the congestion. There is a need for family and study rooms, drilling of water among other needs.

Primary School Children


Dining Hall under construction

Secondary School Children

Children walk 8 miles everyday to and from school. We need a van.

Untreated Spring water is used, there is a need for drilling safe water

Cooking done on a three stone stove with corn cobs for wood

Studying is done on the floor