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Provision of accommodations



We are involved in several projects.......


We have 49 children living in the Orphanage in small rooms in the slum. These are children without home because they are either orphaned by HIV/AIDS or they are from the street driven there for one reason or another. These children have no other home but this home. We are doing al that we can to give them shelter, food, clothing, education, medical-care and above all the parental love that they need most.
They rooms are full to capacity we can no more admit more children though there is a great need. We need to expand the facility.



Kitale orphanage has two houses on the land of 3.5 Acres. The children’s house is almost complete and already 55 children accommodated. The manager's house is not complete as well as the dinning hall which need furniture and other utensils. We are still trusting God for His provision to enable us complete the constructions. 8 children are in high school and the rest are in primary school. In this farm we also do little farming, though not enough to sustain us.

The School

Apart from the Orphanage, we have another 138 children that come to the informal school we started to help the children from this community. In Kenya education is free though this has not been possible to so many needy families who cannot afford the School Uniform and any other little levies. We felt there was a need to help the community and therefore we started this school in the church. These children come to school without eating, because many families cannot afford a meal. We therefore felt there is a need to feed these children at least two meals a day with good food.


The Teachers

We have 4 teachers that we pray that they get paid for the great effort they have made to teach these children. Because they are volunteers they do not always stay very long, often leaving for paid employment. This has made us change teachers from time to time


Employment: We employ children workers and social workers. They are dedicated to caring for the children. They love and nurture them, and laugh and cry with them.


How do we attend to the Basic needs of these children?
We do a lot more than just house these children. Children in our care receive a nurturing, stable and healing environment that caters to their individual needs and personal growth. We ensure that they get good medical care, nourishing food, proper clothes, and education. We give them counseling, lots of love, attention, and a positive lifestyle. And we try to give them a childhood that's as normal as possible. But the most important thing we give them is hope.


We are guided by the vision of rescuing children at risk and giving them a better childhood and future hope by protecting, guiding and healing them.
KSM services and initiatives are aimed at:
Providing care through our homes for children in the slums who are abused, abandoned, neglected, misdirected, at-risk or caught up in family turmoil or whose parents cannot care for them.
KSM Mission Statement
"To rescue and protect disadvantaged children in Kibera Slum and to give them a better childhood experience and a future hope.”

Kitale Home under construction

Provision of education & learning facilities

Provision of meals to school children

Kitale Kids share a meal


Kibera kids share meals in the rental home


Kitale Primary School kids