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We are guided by the vision of rescuing children at risk and giving them a better childhood and future hope by protecting, guiding and healing them.
KSM services and initiatives are aimed at:
Providing care through our homes for children in the slums who are abused, abandoned, neglected, misdirected, at-risk or caught up in family turmoil or whose parents cannot care for them.
KSM Mission Statement
"To rescue and protect disadvantaged children in Kibera Slum and to give them a better childhood experience and a future hope.

Kibera Slum Ministries
P.O. Box 40967 - 00100
Nairobi, Kenya (EA)
Tel: 254 721 408 832



Kibera is one of the worlds biggest and poorest slums, suffering from gross over-population and periodic outbreak of diseases with enormous loss of life. There seems little hope that the poverty will be substantially alleviated. Life is very difficult in the Kibera slums. Walking through into the depths of the slum is a pathetic adventure of shock. The children live in the midst of a desperate situation that defies description.

What they face everyday in the slums

Diseases from garbage and murky waters, Family Conflicts, Abuse and defilement, Abandonment, Lack of basic needs such as:  Education, Shelter, Food, medication etc.

With KSM rescue mission, everything changes for a child who is sponsored and can go to school, Sunday School and church, where the children are loved, taught and fed.



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