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Kids share beddings

Old Kibera Slum Children's home, demolished to pave way for road construction



We have 49 children living in the Orphanage in tiny rooms.

It is a pathetic adventure of shock walking into the depths of the Kibera slum. Yet the children in the orphanage are loved and cared for in the midst of a desperate situation that defies description.


Life is very difficult in the Kibera slums, but everything changes for a child who is sponsored and can go to school, Sunday School and church, where the children are loved, taught and fed.

Apart from the Orphanage, we have another 138 children that come to the informal school we started to help the children from this community. In Kenya education is free though this has not been possible to so many needy families who cannot afford the School Uniform and any other little levies. We felt there was a need to help the community and therefore we started this school in the church. These children come to school without eating, because many families cannot afford a meal. We therefore felt there is a need to feed these children at least two meals a day with good food.

We are guided by the vision of rescuing children at risk and giving them a better childhood and future hope by protecting, guiding and healing them.
KSM services and initiatives are aimed at:
Providing care through our homes for children in the slums who are abused, abandoned, neglected, misdirected, at-risk or caught up in family turmoil or whose parents cannot care for them.
KSM Mission Statement
"To rescue and protect disadvantaged children in Kibera Slum and to give them a better childhood experience and a future hope.

Learning at the Centre

Feeding Program at the Centre

The children's centre, school and church being demolished

Some of the children learning at the Centre

Road Construction underway

The new temporary rental home for the kids

The New Rental Home

Kibera Children's home was earmarked for demolition to pave way for road construction. Since this was government land, we did not get compensation to rebuild a new centre.


The children are currently housed in a rental home till we get a permanent relocation.





Older children share beddings and reading time

The kids sharing beddings at the new temporal home

The Centre provides worship experience for the kids